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With her many accomplishments has also come her struggle over the last several years with the disabling
conditions of Bipolar Disorder and Chronic Pain Disorder. Some of her darkest hours came while falling ill in late
2004 being hospitalized multiple times for chronic pain while also spending 8 months in the woman’s wellness
program at Princeton House "which she re-visted again for 2 months in 2011".Then, almost by providence in
2004 she rediscovered photography following a 30-year absence and then a new art form video, in 2011.

Through her struggles, Leigha has found that there are many ways to deal with chronic disabling illnesses
besides traditional western medicine and medications. Leigha’s photography and Videography brings her
tremendous satisfaction and purpose and like everything else, she takes it to the next level. As Leigha remains
disabled, she has found ways to become enabled again through her art.
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